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My Holistic Life: A Natural Rash Treatment

My daughter Evie has always seemed to have sensitive skin. I know most babies have some sort of skin ailment at one time or another but she’s been very sensitive from the start. Her first day after being born she had a bad reaction to a metal button from the onesie they put on her in the hospital. The pediatrician, without even coming to examine her, ordered hydrocortisone cream to be applied to the spot every few hours. This immediately did not sit right with me, but being delirious with exhaustion and overwhelmed with the well being of my delicate newborn who’s life was solely was dependent on me, I did as they said.

That night a nurse informed me that her breathing had become very rapid, she told me they would check her again in a few hours and if it didn’t slow they would need to do a chest x-ray. Of course this horrified me and instantly I knew it had to be from the steroid that was in her system. They never said that this was the cause, but I know it had to be. I didn’t put it on her again, her breathing went back to normal, and furthering my validation the discharging pediatrician was upset that the other pediatrician had ordered that for a brand new baby. Before any of this happened, I already was more natural minded. So needless to say, from that point forward I only will put things on her skin that are natural and I am comfortable with, and strongly lean on my maternal instincts and voice more than any other.

Flash forward a few months and my little Evie began putting on more weight, filling out all those awesome rolls. Well I began to notice in spots where moisture could get trapped, her skin was getting red, bumpy, and seeping. It was in her belly button, armpit, and neck. After lots of researching and speaking to trusted moms (which by the way, experienced moms put google to shame) I came to the conclusion that what she had was ‘intertrigo’ aka moisture rash. I refused to put any type of chemical on her skin and was determined to beat this naturally.  I tried many different natural things I’d read could help, some seem to help, some made it worse, but I felt like I kept getting closer and closer to the solution. I even had a pediatrician appointment during this time and they told me of anti -fungal creams that could get rid of it with a few applications.  Even as appealing as that was, because it didn’t completely sit well with me I wasn’t going to do it.  Finally, a very trusted friend and mom told me that bentonite clay would dry it out and remove the toxins. So I began to apply this to all spots every diaper change or anytime I thought about it. In less than 48 hours the rash began significantly improving and drying up! But then I starting noticing it getting so dry that her skin began cracking. So I really put my brain to work. I knew I needed to continue to keep it dry but also apply a healing balm to the cracked skin. So I mixed the bentonite clay with The Honest Company’s ‘Organic Healing Balm’ and boom, that did the trick.

Natural Rash TreatmentIt felt so awesome that I trusted my instincts, knew that there had to be natural alternatives to chemicals, and it worked! We know our children the best above anything else, and there are always alternative solutions. Yes they make take a little more time and work, and we may have to stay proactive, but in the end I believe they will make for much healthier children.

Author: Megan Flores
Megan Flores outside of Pittsburgh, PA with her husband and sons. Passionate about the inherent strength and beauty of womanhood, she seeks to develop within herself and share with others through her interests in fertility, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, parenting and holistic living. Megan Flores stays busy laughing and learning with her boys while supporting and encouraging moms, babies and families as a La Leche League leader, doula and leader of various groups and workshops through her business, Full Circle Doula Care.