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Wild & Earthy Beeswax Bags and Food Wraps Add the vibe of the hive to your food!  When a package from Wild & Earthly Beeswax arrived my senses were delighted!

Ma Doula A story tour of birth by Stephanie Sorensen Ma Doula is a book of stories about births, from Amish homebirths by lamplight to big-city births in high-tech hospitals.

Not At Your Child’s Expense A Guide to Constructive Parenting by Judith Fitzsimmons Judith Fitzsimmons’ successful co-parenting story might seem uncommon, but it is an experience that, with the right tools and attitude, you can achieve in your own family unit.

The Parent’s Guide to Homeopathy Safe, natural remedies for children, from newborns through teens by Shelley Keneipp This book is the most comprehensive and easy- to-use guide I have ever found to treat children’s illnesses safely, gently, and effectively with homeopathy.

Earthpaste Amazingly Natural Toothpaste I’ve been looking for a kids’ toothpaste that I feel great about and when my boys and I tried Earthpaste, I felt the search was over.

Poverty, Inc. Fighting poverty is a big business, but who profits the most? Winner of 30 film festival honors, 11 awards and counting, this thought-provoking film is making waves!

Sprout Pencils you can plant after use! This is one of the best ideas I’ve heard of in awhile–grow an herb garden with your old pencils!

  The Little Biting Tree I was so excited when a teething necklace arrived for review. It was beautifully present- ed and it’s smell and feel are excellent. Each teething and nursing necklace is handmade in India using hand carved raw Indian Lilac. Indian Lilac, also known as Neem Wood, is known throughout Asia for its healing powers.

Miessence Fulvic Acids brought to us by The Olive Parent Fulvic acids are extremely complex, bioactive, low molecular weight, humic substances that are the final product of microbial decomposition of the natural, organic matter from the remains of prehistoric forests that flourished on earth over 100 million years ago.

Shea Purity created by Naomi  Shea Purity products are 100% natural and are free of toxins and synthetic ingredients.

Daring Greatly:  How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead by Brene Brown This wonderful book has appeal to multiple audiences; there are sections relating to vulnerability in the workplace, in relationships, in art, expression, and creativity, and, perhaps most importantly for many of us, in raising our children.

swiggydiggydoo clever & fun & responsibly done Mom of 3 (infant, toddler AND teenager!) Lauren O'Brien of Pittsburgh, PA decided to start a business which would not only help to support her family, but to make the lives of eco-conscious parents a little easier. She was researching and looking into safe, natural, Earth-and-kid-friendly toys and products before purchasing them for her own it occurred to her to share this knowledge with others! Thus, swiggydiggydoo was...

Touching Bellies, Touching Lives Midwives of Southern Mexico Tell Their Stories by Judy Gabriel I fell in love with this book immediately. Gabriel gives a moving and honest account of the personal experiences and practices of a host of traditional midwives in rural Mexico.

Mayim's Vegan Table More than 100 great-tasting and healthy recipes from my family to yours by Mayim Bialik As a busy, vegan mother of two, Mayim Bialik has learned a thing or two about making meals to keep her little ones happily munching on a plant-based diet.

  The Empathic Father Becoming the man you want to be for your family by Torsten Klaus This book discusses so many pertinent topics relating to fatherhood, it’s hard to say which was my favorite!

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