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Breastfeeding Goddesses by Ivette Ivens

Breastfeeding Goddesses

by Ivette Ivens

I knew this book was going to be gorgeous–filled with the amazingly ethereal images of nursing moms captured by the talented Lithuanian-born photographer Ivette Ivens.

What I didn’t expect was to have tears streaming down my face after skimming through it for the first time. The pages of this “coffee table” book (it’s far too beautiful to not leave out!) are covered with photographs of breastfeeding moms of all ages, sizes, shapes, colors, and babies and children of various ages.

Each image is truly a moment and memory–not just a photo but a feeling. Every mom is quoted–just a simple sentence or two about her breastfeeding journey–and the book reads as a collective memoir of diverse nursing experiences. A picture is usually worth a thousand words, but these speak more than words. This book is the perfect gift for yourself and any breastfeeding mom you know.