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  Boba Hoodie–The Stylish Way to Cover Your Baby Carrier   We saved this review to share with you in the Summer so you can save up for one of these must-have hoodies.

  Helping to Heal By Patti Wood Purchase on Amazon   Patti Wood is an author, filmmaker, radio show host and Visiting Scholar at Adelphi University’s School of Nursing.

  Cold Bee Gone Homeopathic Nasal Swab Remedy   Cold Bee Gone is a homeopathic remedy that you swab inside your nose to help support your body’s fight against cold and flu symptoms.

  Whole Life & Services Live Life Naturally   We love to support and promote family-owned-and-operated businesses that focus on health and wellness.

  Walking the Labyrinth of My Heart–A Journey of Pregnancy, Grief and newborn Death By Dianna Vagianos Armentrout Purchase on Amazon “A woman in labor stands at the threshold of life and death. It is a holy moment. Mary Rose was born twice: once into our world and once into the next one where she is Light.”  

  The Sunflower By Hanneke Frenken Purchase on Amazon I enjoyed reading this enchanting little book with my kids.  

  Pursuit of the Magic Piece–A nutritional adventure in a kids’ picture book By Jeanne Cheng & Lalena Fisher Pursuit of the Magic Piece is a brilliant combination of storytelling and healthy eating.  

Enzymedica Digest Gold and Lypo Gold    Enzymes are biologically active proteins found in all living cells. Metabolic enzymes catalyze and regulate every biochemical reaction that occurs within the human body, making them essential for cellular function and overall health.

  Sage Woman Box By Honey & Sage Co   This sweet box is such a delight to the senses! Imagine your wise woman friend or older sister put some treats and soul nourishment in a beautiful box for you to enjoy–just for yourself, busy mama–and when you opened the box all her love and goodness spilled into your lap!

  Organic Soothing Skin Salve By Mia & Dom   Mia & Dom was founded by Jennifer Feltham after a lifelong interest and more recent qualifications in aromatherapy and herbal medicine–plus a fifteen year business background. Jen’s mission is “to use the very best ingredients to provide our customers with beautiful, organic, natural and safe skin care for their family”.

  Positive Parenting–Ending the Power Struggles and Reconnecting from the Heart By Rebecca Eanes Purchase on Amazon HPM has been a long-time follower of Rebecca Eanes, so we were very excited about the launch of her new book, Positive Parenting.

Suddenly Homeschooling–A Quick-Start to Legally Homeschool in 2 Weeks by Marie-Claire Moreau, Ed.D.   As Moreau observes, the two areas that traditionally had been rather stable among homeschoolers are beginning to rock the homeschooling world today.

  Balanced Health Hair and Saliva Analysis Kit   Headquartered in St. Paul, MN, Balanced Health started as a small operation born out of the commitment to help others with chronic health issues. Founder, Samantha Stupak developed a system of identifying major stresses within individuals using BioEnergetic testing of hair and saliva.

Earth–Songs for the Earth and All Beings By Charity and the JAMband “Every day should be earth day, and every one, every daughter and son will love her like a mother and cherish her, every single day should be earth day!”

Beyond the Tiger Mom–East-West Parenting for the Global Age By Maya Thiagarajan This thoroughly interesting book rests of the premise that Western and Eastern educational and parenting philosophies have vastly different strengths and weaknesses; therefore, parents on either side of the world can learn from each other.

Sacred Motherhood–An Inspirational Guide and Journal for Mindfuly Mothering Children of All Ages By Anni Daulter and Niki Dewart This sweet little journal will bless you with the possibility of embracing the spectrum of moments on your mothering journey as the real opportunities they present for awakening and spiritual growth.

The Heroines Club–A Mother-Daughter Empowerment Circle By Melia Keeton-Digby I enjoyed reading this thoughtful and practical book on empowering mothers and daughters together.

The First Forty Days–The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother By Heng Ou, Amely Greeven, and Marisa Belger Caring for the new mother after childbirth is a lost art in Western society which is revived in this delightful book.

  The Present Mother–How to Deepen Your Connection With the Present Moment, Yourself, and Your Child By Catherine Weiss “We are on the brink of a new consciousness in parenting–a shift from imagining our children are in need of being “fixed” by us, or at the very least “molded,” to realizing that the behavior issues we are increasingly seeing in young people ought to be a wake-up call to us as parents to face up to our own failure to “grow up” in terms of how we parent.”

  Healthy By Choice–The Cookbook By Jessica Kellaway NP, CHC This new cookbook was such a delight to review! Jessica’s friendly tone throughout made me feel like I was cooking up a storm with my best friend.

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