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Herb Pharm

Herb Pharm Kids

Herb Pharm Kids Line

Formulated with schience, tradition, and love

Located in Southern Oregon, Herb Pharm has been growing and producing certified organic medicinal herbs and herbal healthcare products since 1979.

Their new Kids Line (which is warmly recommended by Dr Aviva Romm!) contains the great tasting Tummy TLC, the Immune Avenger, Ear Oil, Black Elderberry Glycerite, Echinacea Glycerite, and Lemon Balm Calm Glycerite. As most parents know, if a children’s remedy doesn’t taste good, they won’t take it. This Kids Line is great because the formulations work, and they’re great tasting as well. My kids sampled most of them, and look forward to treating themselves over the next few months, as colds, earaches, and tummy aches strike!