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Walking the Labyrinth of My Heart



Walking the Labyrinth of My Heart–A Journey of Pregnancy, Grief and newborn Death

By Dianna Vagianos Armentrout

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“A woman in labor stands at the threshold of life and death. It is a holy moment. Mary Rose was born twice: once into our world and once into the next one where she is Light.”


I found Dianna’s book to be deeply moving, refreshingly honest, insightful, and tender. I admired her courage in facing ‘what is’ and consciously living through the precious few moments with her daughter. Grief has many layers, and Dianna visits and writes about them, honoring moments of joy along the way. “Don’t pity the mother whose child drinks Light instead of mother’s milk.” (Dianna Vagianos Armentrout) Please share this important book with friends who have buried a child, as well as midwives, doulas, and anyone working with bereaved families. Warmly recommended.

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