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Sage Woman Box



Sage Woman Box

By Honey & Sage Co


This sweet box is such a delight to the senses! Imagine your wise woman friend or older sister put some treats and soul nourishment in a beautiful box for you to enjoy–just for yourself, busy mama–and when you opened the box all her love and goodness spilled into your lap!


I received the Summer SOULstice Sage Woman Box, which included three inspirational post cards (stamps included) to send love and encouragement to friends, a Sacred Space renewal smudge blend, a Holy Wellness Soak and Scrub, a Holy Wellness Calming Lemon Mint Tea, a Body Brush with instructions and Ten Good Reasons to Start Dry Brushing Today, a White Sage Salve (made and certified authentic by American Indians), and a cute little beeswax candle. Honey & Sage Co offer a monthly subscription (you receive a box every month) or a gift subscription to a woman you cherish and appreciate. Order yours today and join their mission: Better woman, better earth. We are thrilled to recommend!


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