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Organic Soothing Skin Salve by Mia and Dom



Organic Soothing Skin Salve

By Mia & Dom


Mia & Dom was founded by Jennifer Feltham after a lifelong interest and more recent qualifications in aromatherapy and herbal medicine–plus a fifteen year business background. Jen’s mission is “to use the very best ingredients to provide our customers with beautiful, organic, natural and safe skin care for their family”.


I was so excited to try the Organic Soothing Skin Salve out, as dry skin and eczema run in my family. The soothing combination of Tamanu and Safflower Oil encourages wound healing and promotes healthy skin, while the Rosehip Seed Oil is a widely recognized skin healer. The salve also has the soothing and healing essential oils Lavender and Roman Chamomile. The salve gave instant relief, and my hands smell great! This product has become a must for my medicine cupboard. Highly recommended!


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