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Positive Parenting by Rebecca Eanes



Positive Parenting–Ending the Power Struggles and Reconnecting from the Heart

By Rebecca Eanes

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HPM has been a long-time follower of Rebecca Eanes, so we were very excited about the launch of her new book, Positive Parenting.


This book does not disappoint! She begins by affirming that she is not my child’s expert–I am; and outlines the five principles of positive parenting: Attachment, Respect, Proactive parenting, Empathetic leadership, and Positive discipline. Reading this book felt friendly and familiar–HPM’s ethos also places emphasis on self-knowledge and personal responsibility–Eanes discusses how we must first discipline ourselves in order to effectively discipline our children. She includes wonderful tips on effective communication with our coparent and children, how to define our family culture, and how to raise emotionally healthy children. I enjoyed that each chapter ended with discussion questions, and tips on “Putting it all to practice.” The book ends with Top Parenting Challenges and How to Use Proactive Parenting to Deal with Them. This book is a must-have for HPM readers and friends!

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