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Balanced Health



Balanced Health

Hair and Saliva Analysis Kit


Headquartered in St. Paul, MN, Balanced Health started as a small operation born out of the commitment to help others with chronic health issues. Founder, Samantha Stupak developed a system of identifying major stresses within individuals using BioEnergetic testing of hair and saliva.

After her own battle with Lyme Disease and spending four years of her life sick in bed, she vowed to make a difference. I was impressed with their testing process: we were sent the kit, which was convenient and easy to use, and a couple weeks later we could view the results online. The testing is very thorough, and the results are detailed, giving you a good look at System Performance, Energetic Sensitivities, Energetic Nutritional Imbalances, Energetic Toxins, and Energetic Hormonal Imbalances. After analyzing stress levels, imbalances, and toxins, a personalized regimen is developed. You even get a phone consultation as part of the package. Balanced Health offers a convenient and comprehensive view of your health–we recommend you try them out!



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