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Beyond the Tiger Mom–East-West Parenting for the Global Age


Beyond the Tiger Mom–East-West Parenting for the Global Age

By Maya Thiagarajan

This thoroughly interesting book rests of the premise that Western and Eastern educational and parenting philosophies have vastly different strengths and weaknesses; therefore, parents on either side of the world can learn from each other.

The author is in the uniqe position to experience and evaluate how we learn and what we learn, coming from a bicultural and bilingual environment, and having lived in India, the US and Singapore. In Part 1, Thiagarajan discusses academics–Math, Reading, and Memorization–and the vastly different cultural approaches to these subjects. In Part 2, the author contemplates how to achieve balance between work and play, how to support and motivate our children. Part 3 engages with the stories we tell and the language we use. Each chapter has tips and top picks at the end so the reader can take away workable ideas.

Beyond the Tiger Mom is an honest, thought-provoking read!

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