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Diffusing Mamas–Essential Oils Aromatherapy Jewelry


Diffusing Mamas 

Essential Oils Aromatherapy Jewelry


When my friend recently showed me her new diffuser necklace, it was love at first sight (and smell.) I knew I had to have one. I really love using essential oils and they’ve enriched my family’s life in so many ways–we use them (diluted) on our skin and have several diffusers in our home.


Wearing a diffuser necklace is the perfect way to gently diffuse your favorite oils in an effective and pretty way!  Made from surgical grade stainless steel and beautifully designed, these necklaces are really sturdy and high quality. They come with durable, highly absorbent (washable!) pads on which you simply place a few drops of your oil and you’re good to go (and those drops will last for days!) As I wear my necklace, I keep catching whiffs of my oils and it truly makes a difference in how I feel!


There are necklaces, bracelets and earrings–for women, men, and children. The only problem you’ll have is... deciding which piece of jewelry you like best! I love that Diffusing Mamas was founded and is run by holistic moms–just like us.


Enthusiastically recommended!



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