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Re-Play- The Power of Recycling



Re-Play- The Power of Recycling

Children's tableware made from recycled milk jugs


It didn't take long for these to become the favorite dishes among the little people in our house. Manufactured, assembled and tested in the USA, Re-Play products are simply fantastic. Divided plates, bowls, utensils, drinking cups (3 styles available), stackable travel snack cups and teething keys- there are so many wonderful items to choose from.

The huge array of colors makes your child's meal so much more fun! Each item Re-Play offers is really well-made and the designs are so kid-friendly (the forks and spoons are just right for little hands and mouths). Everything is sturdy and durable- they withstand the dishwasher daily and never seem to look scratched or stained. Even the packaging is cool and eco-conscious- a simplistic cardboard sleeve.  Also check out their parent company Dandelion's adorable organic cotton baby toys!

Wholeheartedly recommended, by kids and adults!

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