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The Dairy Fairy


The Dairy Fairy

Hands-free pumping and nursing products that multitask as much as you do

Functional, beautiful, comfortable, sexy–this line of nursing and pumping bras and tanks (panties too!) is fantastic. Working mom Emily wanted to create an ef cient and beautiful solution for hands-free pumping.

She developed her first bra, the Arden–named after her daughter–which was an all-in-one solution with easy sizing, convenience, and support (you can nurse, double hands-free pump, or simultaneously nurse and pump!) This led her to develop a whole line, which she named The Dairy Fairy. Becoming a mom–growing and birthing a human being-–is both a mental and physical transformation. It can feel weird and take time to feel comfortable with our postpartum bodies. Emily’s creations have a delicate, feminine look that really make a woman feel pretty. I tried the Josie Sleep’in Beauty Nursing Bra and Aria Pantie. Ok, where was this awesome set when I was newly postpartum? This would make the perfect gift for a pregnant or new mama! There’s a hidden interior pocket to keep breast pads in place. This bra is totally comfortable, easy to pull aside for nursing and gorgeous–the lace detail is cute without seeming “old fashioned.” The panties are made of comfy cotton and have the same lace detail. Who doesn’t feel better about themselves when they wear pretty undergarments? My hubby admired these too, by the way.

Enter the code “holisticparenting” at the checkout for 15% off! 

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