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Wild & Earthy Beeswax Bags and Food Wraps


Wild & Earthy Beeswax Bags and Food Wraps

Add the vibe of the hive to your food! 

When a package from Wild & Earthly Beeswax arrived my senses were delighted!

Everything about these bag and food wraps are beautiful: their colors, heavenly beeswax smell, shapes and sizes. These amazing and practical bags and wraps are made of organic cotton and beeswax and prove a sustainable and health-minded alternative to plastic. When we stop to consider that the average family uses 500 plastic bags each year just for lunches, that 20 million sandwich bags are disposed of–daily–substituting plastic for some reusable, biodegradable beeswax is a no brainer; This earth-loving, food-keeping alternative is one way to keep the Pacific Garbage Patch from growing. Their care is simple: wash with a cool, sopay cloth and air dry. Each bag and wrap is made with care and positive intentions for the love and healing of our wild earth. Wildly recommended! 

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