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The Parent's Guide to Homeopathy


The Parent’s Guide to Homeopathy

Safe, natural remedies for children, from newborns through teens
by Shelley Keneipp

This book is the most comprehensive and easy- to-use guide I have ever found to treat children’s illnesses safely, gently, and effectively with homeopathy.

Practical, concise, and user-friendly it provides homeopathic remedies for more than 150 acute conditions, from annoying to threatening, that arise in the everyday lives of our kids, from newborns through the teen years. One of this book’s great features is the nuggets of advice surrounding the remedies “What to observe,” “Supportive measures,” and “Call your practitioner if:” Homeopathy takes a holistic approach anyway, but I enjoyed this book’s emphasis on treating our children holistically. Enthusiastically recommended! 

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