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Amazingly Natural Toothpaste

I’ve been looking for a kids’ toothpaste that I feel great about and when my boys and I tried Earthpaste, I felt the search was over.

With only ve simple ingredients (water, Redmond Clay, Real Salt, xylitol, and essential oils) this stuff totally meets my “picky mom seal of approval.” My sons love it and look forward to brushing their teeth (we tried the lemon avor.) Everything that goes into and onto my children matters and I feel good about them using this product, which they are inevitably going to swallow a bit of. The Redmond clay in Earthpaste is a natural bentonite clay extracted from the earth well- loved for its many healing properties. The company also offers the clay in powder form which makes an awesome facial mask, as well as helpful for skin irritations and drawing out impurities. Along with bath salts for soaking and a natural soap called EarthCure, I loved the Redmond salt and organic seasonings for enhancing my cooking.

Warmly recommended! 

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