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Pencils you can plant after use!

This is one of the best ideas I’ve heard of in awhile–grow an herb garden with your old pencils!

The Sprout company began in 2012 with three students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, who came up with the idea for the challenge “Design the sustainable office article of tomorrow.” Made from sustainable wood, this special pencil includes a seed (non-GMO, of course) in a dissolvable capsule instead of an eraser. Sprout aims to promote respect for the environment and to contribute to awareness and education of sustainability. In addition to the basic clay-and-graphite-based grey, there are also colors–and I love that they’re named for plants! Have a business or organization you’d like to promote? Looking for a totally unique gift? Sprout can customize pencils with your choice of words engraved! Also to note: Tiny Gardens–little, waterproof garden boxes made out of recycled cardboard with hemp mats instead of soil, which you simply place in your window and Sprout Cards, cards made from hand made, recycled paper which includes ower seeds within! Too cool!  Although the products aren’t yet available in the US–stay tuned– coming soon! 

I highly recommend checking out this new and upcoming company!


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