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The Little Biting Tree


The Little Biting Tree

I was so excited when a teething necklace arrived for review. It was beautifully present- ed and it’s smell and feel are excellent. Each teething and nursing necklace is handmade in India using hand carved raw Indian Lilac. Indian Lilac, also known as Neem Wood, is known throughout Asia for its healing powers.

It is also naturally antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral. The wooden beads are completely raw, untreated, unstained, and made without the use of dyes or oils. Using raw wood beads threaded with pure white cotton eliminates any concern you have about chemicals and synthetics (such as latex, BPA, PVC or Phthalates) going into your babe’s mouth. With a great variety to choose from, The Little Biting Tree products make a perfect gift for the new and seasoned parents in your life.

Enthusiastically recommended! 

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