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Shea Purity

Shea Purity

created by Naomi

 Shea Purity products are 100% natural and are free of toxins and synthetic ingredients.

In fact, everything used in these products are safe to consume (however this is not recommended!) Shea Purity products are hand made in small batches to ensure the highest of quality. As such, there may be some variance in product appearance and texture, however this does not affect the product’s quality. They are safe and gentle to use on the hair and body, and can be used for everyone, including men, women, children and babies. Naomi grew up in the UK only ever found one product that gave her satisfying results. This product was shea butter from Ghana, where her family originate from. After moving to Australia, Naomi started Shea Purity in Canberra. I fell in love with Naomi’s products when I first rubbed shea butter onto my cracked, Winter knuckles! My kids have been enjoying them too.

Enthusiastically recommended!

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