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The Empathic Father


The Empathic Father

Becoming the man you want to be for your family

by Torsten Klaus

This book discusses so many pertinent topics relating to fatherhood, it’s hard to say which was my favorite!

Klaus engages with empathy and understanding on topics ranging from birth and babymoon to single parenting, from sleep deprivation and post partum depression in fathers to work-life balance, from apologizing to our children to keeping a healthy relationship alive with your partner. In his words, “fathers of today do want to talk about their feelings, expectations, worries and emotions. They are ready for the next step; A New Generation of Fathers! We need to encourage every dad to become a part of this new way of authentically communicating with their loved ones to build a compassionate, loving foundation for the future. The more dads who really want to make a change in the way they see their partnerships and parenting, the more we will see happier and balanced families and relationships.” This awesome book is destined to be an instant bestseller because fathers today want to be invlolved and active in their children’s lives, find a healthy balance in every aspect of their lives, and have a good relationship with the person they are raising their children with.

Unreservedly recommended!

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