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Company We Love: swiggydiggydoo


clever & fun & responsibly done

Mom of 3 (infant, toddler AND teenager!) Lauren O'Brien of Pittsburgh, PA decided to start a business which would not only help to support her family, but to make the lives of eco-conscious parents a little easier. She was researching and looking into safe, natural, Earth-and-kid-friendly toys and products before purchasing them for her own it occurred to her to share this knowledge with others! Thus, swiggydiggydoo was born.

Lauren takes care of the research and ordering, resulting in a package of wonderfulness arriving in your mailbox- one-time or by monthly subscription. When people ask you for a gift idea for your kids, THIS is it! I instantly liked the company when I talked with Lauren and saw her website...but was even more thrilled when our package arrived (and I loved the touch of the handstamped logo on it). Each item was exactly something I'd have chosen myself and there was even a little paper listing each item and it's company's information. Each month has different items which aren't revealed until a few days after the packages are mailed (the surprise factor is totally fun!). Also- a cute, seasonal shirt is included each time!

Highly recommended!

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