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Happy Healthy Kids Summit


I know you want the best for your child. As parents, we all want our children to thrive and to have a great life. But sometimes its hard to know how to get there.

If you ever feel like this, youre not alone! 

Parenting is a HUGE responsibility and the decisions that we make today profoundly impact our children’s future. They look to us for their very identity and rely on us to choose the best foods to support their healthy development. That can feel empowering and daunting at the same time, as these are decisions that only you can make.

We all have great intentions, but there are moments when trading “screen time” to get dinner made seems like the only option. And sometimes as parents we get tired and don’t act like the patient, loving parent we want to be.

You want your family to live a healthier, more natural lifestyle. But where do we begin? 

Im going to make this simple for you. 

From choosing the safest cleaning remedies to serving quick healthy meals, everything you need to know is right here in one place. My friend and colleague, Christine Waltermyer, natural foods chef and Holistic Health Counselor, recently interviewed me and over 20 other experts as part of the Healthy Happy Kids telesummit. With the intent of making every parents life a little less difficult, Christine asked us for our best tips on raising healthy children.

We understand that parenting is not always easy. So its our pleasure to provide you with the resources and information you need to make the best decisions for your family. You’ll hear from some of the world’s leading experts as they share with you life-changing advice on caring for your child from a holistic perspective.

This online event is completely FREE, yet the content is invaluable. The Healthy, Happy Kids telesummit will guide you through parentings most difficult moments. 

You’ll discover:

  • Easy, well-balanced meals and snacks your child will love!
  • Tips on creating a healthy home environment, using non-toxic cleaning solutions and minimizing electromagnetic radiation
  • How to relax both you and your child, and feel emotionally close and connected

…and much more!  Youll come away from this event inspired with doable action steps. With help from our experts, youll feel empowered on your parenting journey.

The moment that you held your beautiful child for the first time, you fell in love.  The instinct to do everything you can to protect them was right there. As parents, it’s our privilege to help our children be their best and to nurture them through life.  It’s within our power to give them everything they need to be healthy, happy adults. 

The Healthy, Happy Kids telesummit will show you how to rediscover the joy in parenting. Your child will thrive. All because of your choices. 

Click here to claim your spot in Healthy, Happy Kids! But remember, each interview will only be available for a limited time so REGISTER NOW.

PS: Support is KEY when you are a parent. You don’t need to go it alone any longer, trying to figure things out for yourself. Get access to a wealth of information that will radically improve your life and your child’s life for the better.  Get access HERE.

Our very own Kathryn Los, Editor & Publisher of Holistic Parenting Magazine, will be featured on the Healthy Happy Kids Summit on January 26th! Hear Kathryn's best tips on raising happy, healthy children.

Kathryn Los


About the Author
Kathryn Los
Author: Kathryn LosWebsite:
Kathryn Los is Owner, Editor, and Publisher of Holistic Parenting Magazine. Kathryn is married to her soulmate and together they parent six delightfully vibrant children in the Colorado Rockies. She has a background in sociology and philosophy, and has enjoyed working as a birth doula and breastfeeding counselor for over a decade. She has founded and led several women's groups, on a spectrum of communities and interests. Kathryn is an advocate for authentic, intuitive parenting. She considers herself a cheerleader of her six life learners. She is passionate about holistic parenting, and loves sharing inspiration with like minded people across the globe.

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