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header pregnancy that you don't even have to. You have a uterus just dying to push for you, and if you just shhhhhhhush. Shhhuuushhh your busy worried over-thinking brain. Be calm and allow your mind to work with the incredible uterine pressure it will push your baby all the way to their first breath, while you slowly exhale your own.     

  As a doula, I hold sacred space for women as they transform into mothers. It is an indescribable privilege to watch the bodies of women open as new life emerges in birth. As a mother, my body too transformed. The memory of the primal power of labor and birth stays with me to this day. Two years later, I find refuge in a profoundly peaceful space as my son continues to receive comfort and nourishment from my breasts. The awe-inspiring and life-giving power found in a woman’s vagina...

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