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Written by Kelly Meehan   What is a sacred Cesarean? A gentle, or ‘sacred’ Cesarean means creating a birth with awareness and mindfulness that involves a heart centered approach and experience.

photo: Wrapsody The Path to Pleasure What comes to your mind when you hear the words Orgasmic Birth? If this is new to you or brings you some challenge, I invite you to take a peak into one of the best-kept secrets, that birth can be pleasurable!

Photo: Petal & Vine Photography    Unassisted childbirth is not new. Technically, women have been birthing this way for millennia. Unassisted childbirth happens when a mother gives birth without being attended by a medical professional. While some women give birth alone, many women choose to have their partners present. Back in the days when people lived in close-knit communities, older women would attend births. They were often relatives of the birthing women with...

  A successful VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) is within your grasp even if you have been told that you are “not a good candidate” by a practitioner in your past, as I was. While there are circumstances where repeat cesareans are necessary, those circumstances are not as prevalent as our current birth climate would suggest.   Most women who have had cesarean sections do have a high chance of success with a VBAC. In fact, ACOG (the American College of Gynecologists)...

  Consider two women, both planning a natural birth in their local hospital. The first woman is excited about her birth. She trusts her body and expects to have no trouble getting the natural birth she wants. She does not however do much beyond a typical hospital birthing class in order to prepare for that birth. The second woman trusts her body too, but is a little nervous and does everything she can to prepare. She reads, she takes a class that prepares herself and her partner, she...

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