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Love in Birth

minydArticle and photos: Mindy Galamaga

“Good Laura, you can do it.” Nico leaned in close to Laura as another surge came in. Hours had turned into a day. The birth team is exhausted. We are out of words of encouragement for the moment. We are having a difficult conversation about making a hospital transfer. A beautiful home birth has become complicated and it is time to go.


As my eyes fill with tears and look over at Laura and Nico, I feel love–deep love that has the stamina of a prize fighter. This man has been at her side for every contraction. Infinitely patient, he holds her close.


I have been honored to witness amazing acts of love during birth as a doula. I am awe struck by my own feelings of love for my friends and clients as they bring their babies into this world. Nothing could be more sacred than the look of love between two parents just after they meet their baby face to face.

I remember a mother attending her daughter’s birth. Raw emotion filled her as she watched her baby have a baby. Endless streams of tears flowed. Love and birth go together hand in hand. In the brilliant film Orgasmic Birth, experts discuss how the high levels of ecstatic hormones experienced during lovemaking can also be present in a laboring woman. As she releases fear, embraces labor, and chooses her environment for birthing, oxytocin comes in. The mother can choose to change her environment as her journey through birth flows–from walking the hall and recouping energy in bed, to relaxing in the birth tub, and resting in the arms of the ones she loves. Good chemistry is so important for the birth team. A sense of humor is good medicine too, as laughter in birth boosts beta-endorphin levels.

When there is a change in birth plans, love is the most important tool in the kit. Nico and Laura welcomed baby Kiara into the world with deep gratitude. Their birth plans were intact. Truly, love can move mountains.

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Kathryn Los
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Kathryn Los is Owner, Editor, and Publisher of Holistic Parenting Magazine. Kathryn is married to her soulmate and together they parent six delightfully vibrant children in the Colorado Rockies. She has a background in sociology and philosophy, and has enjoyed working as a birth doula and breastfeeding counselor for over a decade. She has founded and led several women's groups, on a spectrum of communities and interests. Kathryn is an advocate for authentic, intuitive parenting. She considers herself a cheerleader of her six life learners. She is passionate about holistic parenting, and loves sharing inspiration with like minded people across the globe.

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