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Circumcision: A Father's Perspective

When it was time to make a decision about the circumcision of my first son Jack, I felt that it was a no-brainer–he should be circ’d just like his dad. After all, how would I explain how our johnsons were different when he’s older? Its cleaner and anything else would be weird, right? My wife kinda put the ball in my court to make the circumcision decision but it wasn’t much of a decision at all... it was almost understood that he would be circumcised like his dad and so he was.


Not a whole lot of thought was put towards the subject after that until my wife was pregnant again. As our family grew, so did our appreciation for a more natural way of doing things. I have to admit, the circumcision issue was more on Sara’s mind than mine but important to all of us none the less. When she expressed that she would not be ok with our second sons’s stick to be snipped, I was alright with that. I can see the turmoil she goes through when thinking of Jack’s circumcision. After discussing the logistics of circumcision and why it’s done, I couldn’t agree more with her. For me, at this point in my life, it just isn’t a logical choice to circumcise. I’m glad that my wife researched and brought a lot of important facts to my attention. I feel that my son Wyatt is better off because of her (for many, many more reasons outside of circumcision).



When my boys are older and we are all peeing outside together, if the question of different-looking wangs comes up, I’m not sure exactly what I’ll say but probably something along the lines of us all being different and similar in many ways. I think the boys will understand, and if not, I’ll explain it to them.  I imagine the fact that one son is circumcised and one isn’t, being a bigger deal in my head. 


And the truth is, circumcised or not, I love them both with all my heart.





About the Author
Sara Sites
Author: Sara Sites
Sara lives outside of Pittsburgh, PA with her husband and sons. Passionate about the inherent strength and beauty of womanhood, she seeks to develop within herself and share with others through her interests in fertility, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, parenting and holistic living. Sara stays busy laughing and learning with her boys while supporting and encouraging moms, babies and families as a La Leche League leader, doula and leader of various groups and workshops through her business, Full Circle Doula Care.

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