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This Father's Day Skip the 'World's Best Dad' Shirts and Get Him What He Really Wants

I recently walked into a store and almost right into a huge display dedicated to Father's Day. As the store so obviously intended, I stopped to look over the gifts for dads, but, while It was great to have a reminder that a day to celebrate dads was approaching, as I scanned the display I wasn't impressed. It had the typical t-shirts, barbecue sauces and grill supplies, coolers, some Swiss army type devices, grooming kits, neckties, and 'exciting' brain teasers. Seriously, it's like giving them socks for Christmas. Given these choices, they might prefer the socks, I thought. Is that really the best we can come up with for the great dad's in our lives? 

Let's be honest, guys aren't always the easiest to buy for because oftentimes they don't say what they want. But we can pretty much guess that most of them wouldn't want any of those generic gifts on display, can't we?

So here's some help to decipher the best Dad gift ever:


  1. What's the dad in your life into? 

 Think about his interests and hobbies. 

 Musically inclined? What about an accessory for his instrument or setting up a jam session with his buddies?

 Into a sport? Get him a new or better quality item that goes along with the sport.

 Bookworm? Find out what he's reading and get him the next few titles. 

 Likes to hit the gym? How about some gym gear or at home weights?


  1. Is there something he wants to do?

Get him a membership at a gym, club, or group. There's literally so many out there, anything from golfing to rock climbing to book clubs to wine-tasting groups. 

Or maybe a one-time experience would be more suitable - there's skydiving, rappelling, snorkeling, or rent a boat for the day! 


  1. Is there somewhere he'd like to go?

Plan a trip to a place he's talked about wanting to see. 

If it's a better fit, plan a camping trip or day hike!


  1. What is that thing he wants fixed, but never gets around to?

Think about those never-ending projects that are driving everyone nuts! It's likely there's some hang up, so if your guy likes to be handy do some probing. Maybe he needs a certain tool or an extra hand.

Or maybe he's feeling a bit stretched-too-thin and you could make his load a little lighter by hiring someone to take care of one or more things on the list for him. 


  1.  What would make him smile?

The whole point of Father's Day is to let the dad in your life know you appreciate them and love them. How can you convey that message? Maybe instead of the generic dad t-shirt, you could customize one. Or create something he'd really love. There are soooooo many ideas out there, but some simple crafts could be making a stinky shoe remedy, a beard palm, or simply an art creation featuring your children.   


So this year, skip the display gifts and put some thought into Father's Day. That bit of extra effort alone is a great way to show you care!

We love you Dads!

About the Author
Rebekah Moore
Author: Rebekah Moore
Rebekah Moore is a work-from-home Mother of one adorable toddler. She has a background in mental health counseling and has worked to repair broken homes. Rebekah and her husband hope to provide a caring, supportive, and nurturing environment to raise their children. With this goal Rebekah has chosen to follow a Holistic approach to parenting and home life.

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